Summary Description

Hazardous Materials Awareness CourseIndustrial accidents happen to even the best prepared organizations. When an employee working under normal condition has an accident, help may not be readily available. Signet’s Trench Collapse Rescue Class is specifically designed to teach rescuers how to recognize when an emergency occurs and perform the necessary tasks to safely rescue downed personnel from a trench collapse.


This fully customizable class utilizes each customers specific equipment to the greatest extent possible. We feel that it is vital to train on the equipment on hand in order to discover and understand uses, identify strengths and shortcomings, and address each of these in order to do everything possible to ensure a stronger, more competent organization at the conclusion of the educational experience.

This course utilizes the customers own on-site facilities for real world rescue scenarios. Signet believes that this provides students with a clear picture of the inherent hazards they face every day and stresses the importance of being ready when and if the time comes. To this end, participants will have an understanding of equipment usage, shoring, stabilizing, rigging and securing, raising victims, and scene safety. This 16 hour course is designed to prepare students to perform low frequency but high risk rescues of their own personnel. This class can be stand alone class or an add-on to either Rope Rescue or Confined Space to complete a week of training.